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The Gao Liu Research Lab combines synthetic chemistry, composite engineering and electrochemistry to solve interdisciplinary problems in energy generation, storage and usage. We use advanced diagnostics to understand fundamental and critical issues in energy systems, as well as synthetic techniques to develop new materials that improve overall system performance.
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Recent Highlights

DICP Binder Paper Published in Advanced Functional Materials

Congratulations to Zhimeng Liu and coauthors on the recent publication of their article "Reversible Crosslinked Polymer Binder for Recyclable Lithium Sulfur Batteries with High Performance" in Advanced Functional Materials! This paper details a novel Li-S binder system consisting of commercially-available poly(acrylic acid) and poly(ethyleneimine), which react to form a dissolvable ionic crosslinked polymer (DICP) network. Not only does this binder lend improved cycling performance to sulfur/carbon composite cathodes, but it readily dissolves under basic aqeuous conditions, paving the way for... more

Congrats on our new publication in collaboration with ALS

Following the link below, check out our new paper "A Micelle Electrolyte Enabled by Fluorinated Ether Additives for Polysulfide Suppression and Li Metal Stabilization in Li-S Battery", published on Frontiers Chemistry on Jun 19th, 2020. This paper introduced our pioneering research on developing fluorinated electrolyte addtives for advanced battery applications. As demonstrated in the paper, the novel electrolyte additive is validated to be effective addressing polysulfide dissolution and Li metal incompatibility issues in the Li-S cells. This paper was collaborated with Dr. Chenhui Zhu,... more

Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome! We recently updated our website to a new, mobile-friendly format. We've also updated descriptions of our research, and will continue to add content in the coming weeks to better reflect our current projects. We hope you enjoy the new site and check back often for exciting news from our group!